About my jigs

aiko Well, I guess I'm a bit of a tinkerer.
I spend a lot of time in my workshop trying to build the tools and jigs that I need rather than buying them. It's not just for fun, most of the times it's also a lot cheaper compared to readily available commercial products.

Extra It takes a lot of time building them. Not because it's a lot of work but I'm not a guy who works with a drawing board. I have to use my "mind's eye" to envision various technical configurations in my imagination prior to actually building them. My mind makes a lot of changes before the job in the shop starts!

So, don't ask me for drawings or building plans because I don't have them. If you want to copy one of my jigs feel free to do so. You can use my videos as a guidance and, of course, you can use your own imagination - your own "mind's eye".

Have fun!